Month: March 2021

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The Birth of Chance

Hello everyone! Despite an unannounced round up that took us all by surprise, life has continued on for this herd. The little guy below is the perfect example of this. Yesterday while I was out checking on horses I was blessed with a once in a lifetime experience. The newest colt in the herd was…
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Satellite and Applewood

Hello everyone! As several of you may know, Stallion Satellite was located last week. He has taken quite the beating from his fight with Flash but he is getting around the Park just fine. I had the chance to sit with him yesterday afternoon. Honestly, I was just so happy to see him that I…
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Remembering the Ones We Lost

Hello everyone. While we have been blessed with several wonderful foals this week I do have to report that unfortunately, we have also lost two. I know this happens at least once each year but it is never easy. I came across the first foal yesterday while out checking horses. He was a colt with…
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Shale and Her New Colt Finnegan

Hello everyone! As promised, here is the second surprise from yesterday. Another beautiful colt joined the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd. This time the proud mother is Mare Shale and the presumed sire is Georgia’s Boy. Shale has not foaled since 2014 when she had Casper. Her new colt appears to be doing well and…
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Pretty Girl’s New Colt Beau

Hello everyone! I came across a little surprise today when I was in the Park so I have one more post for you tonight. This little guy is the new colt out of Mare Pretty Girl and the presumed sire is Red Face. I have been keeping a close eye on her this past week…
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Belle and Banty

Good morning everyone! The week before Banty got separated from his band, I had hiked out and spent the afternoon with both Red Face and Copper’s bands. While I was there, Banty, as he oftentimes does, stirred up some trouble. This time, however, he picked on a filly that was willing to fight back. He…
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