The Birth of Chance

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The Birth of Chance

Hello everyone! Despite an unannounced round up that took us all by surprise, life has continued on for this herd. The little guy below is the perfect example of this. Yesterday while I was out checking on horses I was blessed with a once in a lifetime experience. The newest colt in the herd was born to Mare Bella and as you can see by the first photo, it happened right before my eyes! I also witnessed first-hand the love these horses have for one another as the other mares did their best to protect and help Bella as she foaled. I have seen a live birth only one other time since I began tracking this herd and it truly is a gift. I went back out to the Park today to quickly check on him and was happy to see he is still doing well. He is an adorable colt who has captured my heart forever.

Taking his first steps with help from mom…

2021 Colt, Chance out of Mare Bella this afternoon – How sweet is that face ❤

2001 Mare, Bella and her 2021 Colt, Chance – The presumed sire is Sidekick.