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Long Day

Hello everyone! It was a long, fun day in the Park, and I am exhausted. I promise to have more beautiful horses to share this week. For now, enjoy this look at little Titan. He was so tired he fell asleep before his head hit the grass. I know how he feels

Gone Too Soon

Hello everyone. Today I have some sad news to share with you. Last week while out in the Park, I came across Ollie Jr. and his band. Unfortunately, Katie’s new colt, Sawyer, was no longer with her, nor has he been seen in the days since. We do not know why he disappeared, but the…
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Cody, Frosty, and Red Face

Hello everyone! This is 2021 Colt, Cody out of Mare Frosty by Stallion Red Face. He grew quite a bit over the winter and is one handsome yearling! Although, I do not think there has ever been a Red Face foal who wasn’t good-looking Enjoy this look at Cody, Frosty, and the incredible Red Face.…
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Katie and Sawyer

Hello everyone! We have more news to share from Ollie Jr’s band as they have added yet another new addition. This newest member is an adorable colt named Sawyer out of Mare Katie. She is another maiden mare who is doing a terrific job taking care of her new colt. Katie is lucky, however, as…
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Annabella and Huck

Hello everyone! We have another new foal in the Park and the new mom did great waiting until after the storms. This new addition is an adorable colt named Huck out of Mare Annabella (Bella x Sidekick). She is currently in Ollie Jr’s band. She is another first-time mother and is doing a great job…
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Minnie and Millie

Hello everyone! Guess what? There is another new foal! Mare Minnie, also of Flash’s band, has foaled. She gave birth to this beautiful filly not long after Crow. Flash now has two little darlings to look after. This sweetheart has been named “Millie” to go along with her dam’s name Minnie. Huge thanks for all…
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