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Hopes For Strawberry and Boomer

Hello! As I stated on Wednesday, I wanted to try and locate Strawberry this week since she had once again been separated from Arrowhead and his band. It took three days of hiking various areas of the Park but I was able to finally get eyes on her and her colt, Boomer. I found them…
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Ruby and Bonanza

Hello everyone! We have another new foal in Teton’s band. Mare Ruby gave birth to a beautiful colt this week. The park has named him Bonanza. The band has been seen close to the road a lot since he was born so be sure to keep an eye out for them and this new little…
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Two New Foals in Copper’s Band

Hello everyone! I spent a wonderful day in the park yesterday and saw a lot of babies. I have a ton of photos to share with you but today will start with Copper. Many of you know, his mare Faith had a filly on the 15th. I had not had the chance to see her…
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The Adventures of Ardena

Hello everyone! Today’s post I decided to call ‘The Adventures of Ardena’ because she had quite the day recently. I have seen foals visit another band before, but I have never seen one foal spend a good 45 minutes interacting with every band in the area as I did with Ardena. It all started when…
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Son of an Old Friend

Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for all the kind words and well wishes for the newest filly in the park. It means a lot that you all care for her as much as we do. The stallion pictured below is her presumed sire, Arrowhead. He is a very unique stallion. Not only is…
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Wild Brother and Sister

Hello everyone! After sharing Stormy, I thought you all might enjoy an updated look at her colt, Applewood and his sister, Aqua out of Mare Sapphire. Both were dark when they were born but Applewood seems to be changing more than his sister. They are both adorable and great additions to this band. Enjoy!