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Wild Brother and Sister

Hello everyone! After sharing Stormy, I thought you all might enjoy an updated look at her colt, Applewood and his sister, Aqua out of Mare Sapphire. Both were dark when they were born but Applewood seems to be changing more than his sister. They are both adorable and great additions to this band. Enjoy!  

New Colt for Skipper and Brutus

Hello everyone! You may remember a couple weeks ago when Eileen and I were surprised one morning by this cutie. He is the colt out of Skipper and the presumed sire is Brutus. The park has given him the name Arey after a stream in Alaska. This darling boy is looking great and growing fast!…
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A Father’s Love – Half Moon and Aloe

Hello everyone! Here is a look at Half Moon and his colt, Aloe. When a group of bison moved into the area this day, Aloe walked over to be closer to Half Moon. Rather than move him away, Half Moon leaned in and gently sniffed his son. I love seeing stallions in the park spend…
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Flax and Anzar

Here is a look at 2011 Band Stallion, Flax and his colt, Anzar. Flax was watching as bison surrounded the area while Anzar was more interested in the ladies taking his picture. They are both so handsome!

Little River Band

Hello everyone! Georgia’s Boy has been staying across the river a lot lately with his new/old girls. He took Flicka, Shale, Whiskey, Boo, and Holly from Flax last month and so far has managed to keep them. Here is to hoping he can spend the winter with these girls. Have a great rest of your…
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The Adorable Amantes

Hello everyone! Here is a look at another darling colt in the park, Amantes. He is out of Betty Blue x Coal. He has one of the most beautiful moms in the park so it’s no wonder why he is so good looking. Below are a few photos of him and his dam, Betty Blue.…
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