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Boomer, Amite, and Blue Angel

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share with you a look at Boomer, his big brother Amite, and their sister Blue Angel. These three are doing well coming out of winter. They continue to run with their family band led by their older brother, Xander. I also wanted to mention that spring is a…
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Boomer in the New Year

Hello everyone! I was asked to try and share Boomer this week as it has been a while since I have posted on him. He is doing well and continues to walk with his brother Amite and their family band. The photos below were taken at various times since the beginning of the year. Enjoy,…
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Merry Christmas 2021!

Merry Christmas from Theodore Roosevelt National Park! Thank you for your continued love and support of the horses and those of us who share them. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Pictured: My favorite winter photo from this past year featuring 2020 Filly, Blue Angel of Xander’s band.

Mare Taylor of Xander’s Band

Good evening everyone! Here is a look at mare Taylor who runs in Xander’s band alongside Boomer and Amite. Her mother, Spotted Blue, is in the band as well. Have a great weekend!

Fall Night With Boomer and Amite

Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday! Several of you have reached out and asked for an updated look at Boomer. I recently spent some time with him and his big brother, Amite, and both boys appear to be doing well. They are still with their family band and often spend time with their older brother and…
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Update On Xander’s Band

Hello everyone! I was recently asked about a few members of Xander’s band and realized I have not posted his band in some time. I have from time to time shared updates on Boomer and Amite, but today I would like to share the rest of the band. For those who may not know, Xander…
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