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Update On Xander’s Band

Hello everyone! I was recently asked about a few members of Xander’s band and realized I have not posted his band in some time. I have from time to time shared updates on Boomer and Amite, but today I would like to share the rest of the band. For those who may not know, Xander…
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Summer Look at Boomer and Amite

Hello everyone! Many of you have been asking for recent photos of this little guy. As promised, here is an updated look at Boomer. I took a blind hike to look for him and his brother Amite the other day and got lucky. However, it started to rain as soon as I reached the band,…
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Happy Mother’s Day From the Park

Hello everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! To celebrate the wonderful mothers inside the Park I decided to pull a select few of my favorite images of mares with their offspring that I have taken over the years. Some of the pairs are still together in the same band while…
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Boomer and His Brother Amite

Hello everyone! Many of you have written and asked about Boomer and his older brother, Amite. Things have been very busy in the Park lately so I apologize for not sharing an update with you all earlier. Both boys are doing well and continue to walk with their family band. As you can see, they…
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Fun Friday Part 24

Good morning everyone! It is time once again for ‘Fun Friday!’ Today I have a mix of horses, elk, and a golden eagle that call the Park home. I also included one more photo of Flax and his band from their day with the bison. I had a lot of questions about who was who…
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Amazing Big Brother

Hello everyone! Today I thought you might enjoy an update on Boomer. I realized I had not updated on him for a while so here you go! I spent quite a bit of time with him and Xander’s band in the last week. Several times when I first came upon the band they were all…
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