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Amite vs. Chance

Below are a few more photos of Amite play fighting with Chance, a young colt from Sidekick’s band. Chance walked over to say hello to Amite and Boomer one afternoon when the bands were close to one another. After a short interaction between the other boys, Boomer walked over to check on his brother Amite.…
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New Years Look at Boomer

Hello everyone, and welcome to 2023! As a gift for all of you, I am sharing Boomer today. We had some warmer weather over the past week, so I spent some time in the park. Boomer, Amite, and the rest of Xander’s band are all doing well and made it through our last storms.

Boomer, Amite, and the Bison

Hello everyone! As promised, here is another look at Boomer and his brother Amite. These two are doing well and continue to run in their older brother Xander’s band. In other Park news, it seems Arrowhead has managed to take his band back from Guardian. While I feel for Guardian, seeing the girls back with…
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Winter and Boomer

Hello everyone! The weather finally warmed up this week, so you know where I have been. While I try and play catch up with everything out here, enjoy this photo of Boomer and Mare Winter napping in the warm sun yesterday. Have a great night!

Mother and Daughter

Hello everyone! It is #MareMonday, so what better day to feature these beautiful mares. This is 2005 Mare, Spotted Blue, and her 2014 Filly, Taylor, by stallion Copper. They continue to run together in Xander’s band. Enjoy, and have a great night!

A Summer Day With Xander

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great start to your week. Here are a few photos of Xander and his band. I did not get the chance to share them very much this summer, but as you can see, they are doing well. Enjoy!