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Let the Horses Lead the Way

Hello everyone! Here is a closer look at Sidekick and some of his mares from last week. After the bachelor boys finally left the area, the band was able to relax. We sat with them for a short time before heading off to see more horses. There was a large wash separating Sidekick and Thunder…
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Stirring Up Some Trouble

Hello everyone! We had two really warm days last week so my friend and I took advantage of it and hiked several miles to reach as many horses as possible. The horses tend to move this time of year and one of the spots they pick can be difficult. We wanted to spend the day…
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Horse Spotlight – Mare River

Hello everyone! It’s been raining here hard for two days now. So today I will feature another horse from the TRNP herd. Today’s 🌟Horse Spotlight🌟 is 2006 Mare, River. She is out of Frosty x Singlefoot and is currently running in Sidekick’s band. She has been with Sidekick for several years now. He acquired her…
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Sidekick vs. the Bull Bison

Today, I thought I would share with you photos of 2004 Band Stallion, Sidekick and the day with the bull bison. I hiked out one morning and was photographing seven bands along the side of this butte. After a bit, I decided to walk around the butte to see Trooper and Xander. As I was…
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Party Crasher at the Waterhole

After the horses reached the water hole the other night, we were able to enjoy time with several different bands. One horse, in particular, was the only one to roll in the tiny hole and still managed to completely cover himself in the mud. The first photo shows several of the horses as they gathered…
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Voyage and Lyle

Hello everyone! Here is a recent look at one of the foals born in the fall of 2018, Maiden’s Voyage of Sidekick’s band. He is out of Mare Maiden and as you can see, he looks a lot like his mother. He and his older brother, Lyle, have done well this winter. They still take…
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