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River and the Magpie

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Today, I wanted to share these photos I came across earlier this week. I was sitting with Sidekick and his band recently when a magpie flew in and bounced from mare to mare. It started by landing on Bella, then moved to River, and finally found a good spot on…
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A Look at Stallion Sidekick

Hello everyone! Here is a handsome stallion I have not shared in a while. This is the 2004 Band Stallion, Sidekick keeping an eye on the younger stallion nearby. He still holds his band of 11, including 8 mares and his two-year-old colts, Chance and Knight. Enjoy this look at Sidekick and have a great…
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Fathers and Sons

When two boys pick a fight their dads have to finish… Band Stallions Sidekick and Half Moon quickly intervene when two-year-old Knight of Sidekick’s band, gets into a small spat with four-year-old Aloe.

Happy Birthday Chance!

Happy Birthday, Chance! Two years ago today, I had the honor of watching this handsome colt enter the world and become a part of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park family. I had no idea Bella was going to foal, so to come across her giving birth to Chance that day was a huge surprise. I…
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Fun Friday Part 29

Hello everyone! It is time again for another “Fun Friday!” Today is a mix of mares and stallions inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!

Knight and the Magpie

Hello everyone! One afternoon while with Sidekick’s band, a magpie flew in and landed the back end of Knight. He did not like it and immediately tried to get the bird to leave. Usually, they will fly off, but this one seemed determined to stay. The bird would not leave despite several attempts, so Knight…
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