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Snip’s Gray

Hello everyone. Today, we need to talk about this amazing mare, 23-year-old Snip’s Gray. Until recently, she had been a long-time member of Sidekick’s band. A few things have happened with her over the past month that I would like to share with you today, as you may see her when visiting the park. So…
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Maiden and Magnum

Hello everyone! Oh boy, we have our first colt! Please welcome the newest Sidekick family member, this darling boy out of 2010 Mare, Maiden. As you can see by the photos below, he definitely has his mother’s good looks. During my time with him, he seemed curious about all the new things around him. He…
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The Ladies of Sidekick’s Band

Hello everyone! Since we started the week with some of Sidekick’s band, I thought we would take a look at more members of his family. Sidekick is 20 years old this year and continues to hold a band of eleven. His band includes eight mares and his two colts, Chance, who we saw earlier this…
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Momma Bella Saves the Day

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at a fun story about family in the park. One afternoon, I was sitting with Xander and Sidekick. The young stallion, Chance of Sidekick’s band, decided to walk over and start something with Xander. They will do this occasionally to practice fighting and learn how to become a band…
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Fun Friday Part 33

Hello everyone! The weather is warming up here and melting most of our snow. So, for today’s post, I decided to do one last winter-themed ‘Fun Friday.’ All the photos below were taken over the past few months. Enjoy this look at some of our beautiful horses inside the park, and have a great weekend!…
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River and the Magpie

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Today, I wanted to share these photos I came across earlier this week. I was sitting with Sidekick and his band recently when a magpie flew in and bounced from mare to mare. It started by landing on Bella, then moved to River, and finally found a good spot on…
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