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A Family’s Love and Protection

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to share another story from the day Chance was born. As if seeing his birth wasn’t enough for one day, I also witnessed a tension filled few minutes soon after. He hadn’t gotten up to take his first steps yet when Arrowhead’s band moved into the area. Arrowhead didn’t seem…
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The Birth of Chance

Hello everyone! Despite an unannounced round up that took us all by surprise, life has continued on for this herd. The little guy below is the perfect example of this. Yesterday while I was out checking on horses I was blessed with a once in a lifetime experience. The newest colt in the herd was…
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Remembering the Ones We Lost

Hello everyone. While we have been blessed with several wonderful foals this week I do have to report that unfortunately, we have also lost two. I know this happens at least once each year but it is never easy. I came across the first foal yesterday while out checking horses. He was a colt with…
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Fun Friday Part 22

Hello everyone! It is time once again for ‘Fun Friday!’ I wanted to dedicate today’s post to a few of the beautiful mothers and daughters inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I took these photos at various times, including a couple from this past summer, but each one features a mother and daughter still running together…
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Making New Friends Part 2

Hello everyone! You all may remember a few weeks back when I came across Filly Belle, of Copper’s band, on a playdate with the fillies of Half Moon’s band. She is still a very social girl and on this particular day, I caught her hanging out with another young filly, Annabella, of Sidekick’s band. They…
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Fun Friday Part 18

Hello everyone! It is time again for ‘Fun Friday’ where I share a mix of photos taken in the Park. Today I have for you a look at several of the bands I saw over the last two weeks, including a look at Mare Skipper. Several of you reached out to see if I had…
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