Month: February 2023

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Flax After the Change

Hello everyone! Here is a family I have not shared in a while. Flax and his band had a few changes already this year when they lost Dolly and her fillies to stallion Cagney. However, the rest of the band remains together, and everyone is doing well. Enjoy this look at Flax’s band, and have…
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Update on Honey

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I have not had the chance to share our little filly with the gorgeous blue eyes much this winter. Honey, of Casper’s band, is doing well. She had an accident late last year that left her with a terrible cut to her upper lip. Amazingly, it healed quickly and now…
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Cloud and the Ranch

Hello everyone! One afternoon I came across stallion Cloud and his bachelor crew. They were high above Peaceful Valley Ranch inside the park. Cloud has spent many years living in this area of the park, so to be able to photograph him with the ranch behind him was a real treat. The four bachelors who…
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Dashing Through the Snow

Nothing is more beautiful than watching a wild horse run through Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Watching them run through the snow only adds to the experience. Below is a look at some of the fantastic horses inside the park dashing through the snow this winter. Enjoy, and Happy President’s Day!

Coal in the Snow

Hello everyone! Coal and his band have done well this winter. They only frequented the loop road a little with the deep snow. I was lucky enough to catch them close by on one of those afternoons. Coal still allows Amantes to walk with the band, and Satine appears to fit in well. Enjoy this…
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New Sweethearts For Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone! I have an update mixed with an early Valentine’s Day post tonight. While checking horses today, I came across two horses we hoped would show themselves soon. Stallion Wind Dancer and Twister had not been seen for quite some time. Twister stopped appearing with her band once the snow hit, and Wind Dancer…
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