New Sweethearts For Valentine’s Day

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New Sweethearts For Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone! I have an update mixed with an early Valentine’s Day post tonight. While checking horses today, I came across two horses we hoped would show themselves soon. Stallion Wind Dancer and Twister had not been seen for quite some time. Twister stopped appearing with her band once the snow hit, and Wind Dancer has always been good at hide-and-seek. The longer time passed, the more we hoped they were hiding out somewhere together. Luckily, they did find one another, and with the warmer weather, let us see them too. Twister seemed very comfortable with him, which makes me think they have been together for a while. Wind Dancer is the nice, gentle stallion she needs right now, and I am so glad they found one another. Hopefully, he can be a companion to her for a while.
Enjoy and Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! ❤

Twister and Wind Dancer

2014 Stallion, Wind Dancer

One more look at how sweet Wind Dancer is with her.