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Fun Friday Part 2

Hello everyone! I decided to do another ‘Fun Friday’ post today and share a few more of my favorites. This time I have several of the stallions in the park mixed with a couple of others. I will write under each photo again so be sure to scroll through. For some more weekend fun, I…
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Teton’s Little Girls

Hello everyone! I will continue with the Sidekick foals soon but first I want to give you a look at Teton’s foals. His girls are changing fast too. Two of them, Bee and Shayna (Belt) look so similar right now especially, from the side. Below are a few photos of all three girls from a…
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Bayou and Valentina

Hello everyone! This time of year we see a lot of changes in the foals born in the spring as they begin to shed out their foal coats. The little girls in Sidekick’s band are the perfect example of this occurrence. While there are three fillies in his band, I would like to focus on…
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Fun Friday

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice week. I came across several photos I wanted to share so I decided to put a few together today for a ‘Friday Fun Day’ post instead of focusing on just one band. I will write under each photo so be sure to scroll through. Have a…
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Bart and Democracy

Hello everyone! Copper and Democracy’s colt Bart is just too cute. He was attempting to get his mom to play with him one afternoon but she wasn’t having it. It was fun to watch him try though and then finally settle for a snuggle from mom instead ❤️

Arrowhead’s Kids

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the youngsters in Arrowhead’s band. He has three 2020 foals, including Arrow, who I shared with you last week, Betsy (Betts), and Blackjack as well as one yearling, Antice. I spent an evening with them recently and Blackjack was so adorable. He has changed a lot over the…
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