Month: May 2019

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Three’s Company

Hello everyone! It looks like Perty has found herself a new stallion, for the time being anyway. Flash had been walking without her for the last couple of days so I went looking for her and the baby this afternoon. Luckily, I found her with her new stallion, Gunner. Flash had fought Gunner off to…
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Run Outta Town

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. I took these photos the day Frontier decided to pick a fight with just about any stallion he could find. He had already had a HUGE encounter with Red Face and decided to try his luck with Brutus next. As you can see, it didn’t…
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Thunder’s Kids

Hello everyone! The foals born in March and April are growing up fast but are still just as cute. Thunder now has three foals in his band including these two beauties, Admiral and Alabaster. Filly Admiral is out of Mare Angel and is now two months old. Colt Alabaster is out of Mare Taylor and…
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Ollie Jr.’s Little Girl

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. We were able to spend a quiet afternoon with Ollie Jr. recently. Their filly, Alkaline, is so interested in hanging close to her dad. He had a couple interactions with her before Autumn ran over. She is growing up so fast and hopefully, she will…
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Domino and Antice

Hello everyone! We had a Mother’s Day surprise yesterday with another new foal. Mare Domino of Arrowhead’s band gave birth to an adorable filly. The park has given her the name Antice after a summit in Montana. Help us welcome another beautiful girl to the TRNP herd. Thanks, everyone!  

Trouble’s Girl and Anthem

Hello everyone! We had another new foal born in the park last Friday. This time it was a colt out of Mare Trouble’s Girl. The presumed sire is Wildrye. The park has given him the name Anthem after a stream in Washington. I had the privilege of spending time with him on two separate occasions…
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