Three’s Company

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Three’s Company

Hello everyone! It looks like Perty has found herself a new stallion, for the time being anyway. Flash had been walking without her for the last couple of days so I went looking for her and the baby this afternoon. Luckily, I found her with her new stallion, Gunner. Flash had fought Gunner off to win her a few weeks back but it looks like Gunner kept on trying. When I left them they were headed to an area where I saw Flash earlier in the day so we will have to wait and see if Gunner can keep her. Below are a few photos of Gunner, Perty and her adorable filly, Anisak.

Perty and her 2019 Filly, Anisak

Perty and Anisak – Gunner is in the background.

Gunner and Anisak

Gunner trying to show some love to Perty.

Gunner, Perty, and Anisak


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