An Evening With Red Face

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An Evening With Red Face

My friend and I were out in the park one evening last week and we were fortunate enough to spend some quiet time with several bands. I saw them walking together in the same direction and I told her I bet they go to a certain water hole. Sure enough, they all went to the same spot and we were already there waiting. Red Face and his band were the first to arrive. His filly out of Frosty was the second foal born this year. She survived awful weather however, she did lose one ear tip. The rest of the band is putting on weight and doing well. Pretty Girl looks very pregnant! Below are a few of my favorite images of his band from that night. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

1999 Mare, Frosty and her 2019 Filly, Aden

Aden showing off her skills ❤️

All in a line following Pretty Girl to the water hole.

2002 Mare, Molly watching the other bands in the distance.


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