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Ollie’s Band Beginning 2024

Hello everyone! As promised, here are a few photos of Ollie Jr and his band from the weekend. They had a pretty quiet winter. His 2020 Filly, Bess, out of mare Autumn, left the band and finally settled in with Flax. The younger boys, two-year-old Huck and yearling Auggie are getting bigger. Despite numerous attempts…
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Momma Bella Saves the Day

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at a fun story about family in the park. One afternoon, I was sitting with Xander and Sidekick. The young stallion, Chance of Sidekick’s band, decided to walk over and start something with Xander. They will do this occasionally to practice fighting and learn how to become a band…
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Hello everyone! While leaving the park last week, my friend Carol and I came across one of the other bachelor boys in the park. This is 2019 Stallion, Apex out of mare Ruby by stallion Teton. He was alone on this day, but he has been known to run with the other bachelors from time…
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Another Look at Frontier

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at the rest of Frontier’s beautiful band. He continues to hold the two mares, Smokie and Firefly, his 2019 filly Anuk, his 2021 colt Flyer, and Anuk’s 2022 colt Kodiak. While with the band, I noticed Flyer paying a lot of attention to Smokie. I watched Frontier do this…
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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a nice weekend. We have finally had some nice weather, so I could get out and hike. Just before sunset yesterday, I went looking for former band stallion Buster (Illinois). He had shown himself earlier in the day, so I had an idea where to head. After…
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The Son of Red Face

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share an updated look at the gorgeous boy you see below. He is 2021 Colt, Cody out of Mare Frosty by the late Stallion Red Face. He has grown so much over the past two years. I was fortunate to spend time with both him and Frosty this week.…
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