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Hello everyone! Here is a look at the beautiful Mare Little Mo and her filly Meadow. One afternoon while spending time with Gunner’s band, Meadow saw me photographing her momma. She walked a little closer and stopped by a nearby bush where she felt safe to watch me. I took so many pictures of her,…
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Alluvium vs Anzar

Hello everyone! As I mentioned before, the bachelor boys have been causing several issues for the band stallions this summer. However, they tend to fight one another from time to time too. On this day, Anzar singled out Alluvium, and the two went head-to-head. Stallion Applewood stood by Anzar for support as he took on…
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Half Moon’s Spa Day

Hello everyone! While with Half Moon and his band last week, I thought I would try and get some new photos of him. Well, I must have taken too long with the others because this happened when I was about to walk over to photograph him. At first, I thought I could just photograph him…
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Red Face at 21

Any day in Theodore Roosevelt National Park is great when you come home with new photos of the 2001 Band Stallion, Red Face! Looking pretty good for 21

Looking For Love

Hello everyone! Several times throughout this past winter, I came across Arrowhead, and he was covered in mud. This day he was cleaner than usual, so I decided to stop and take a few photos of him and Mare Diamond. He was trying to woo her and she quickly let him know she was not…
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Sumac and Sienna

Hello everyone! It was an exciting day out in the Park. I came across Half Moon by himself first thing this morning, and something about his behavior told me to follow where he was headed. Once I caught up with him, I could see why he had stayed back for a moment to keep watch.…
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