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Valentina’s Two Day Adventure

Hello everyone! Well, it looks like Valentina’s days with Arrowhead were short-lived. She was back with her family band yesterday even though Arrowhead was nearby. He would have been a great stallion for her so hopefully when she is ready to move on he can add her to his band. Sometimes when mares begin to…
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A Summer Look at Guardian’s Band

Hello everyone and Happy Labor Day! Guardian and his band recently left their area of the Park and spent some time mingling with the other bands. All three appear to be doing well. His filly, Katie is so devoted to her dad, and even more amazing is how great he is with her. He certainly…
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A Summer Look at Frontier’s Band

Hello everyone! I am a little late with this but today I finally have for you a look at the rest of Frontier’s band. If you missed the update on his two girls, Anuk and Bluff, be sure to scroll back. He currently has two mares, Smokie and Firefly along with two-year-old Patience, yearling Anuk,…
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Bluff and Anuk

Hello everyone! I spent a nice visit with Frontier and his band this week. His young filly Bluff has changed a little in color and has grown a lot. She will be three months old next week. I will never forget the night I was hiking back to my car and found her tucked behind…
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A Day On the River

Hello everyone! It has been very hot here lately. Teton and his band have been keeping cool by spending more and more time down by the river. I came across them as I was leaving the Park the other day and captured a few photos before they left to go graze. With these high temps,…
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Fun Friday Part 6

Hello everyone! Today is a special ‘Fun Friday’ post as I have an added surprise. Included in today’s photos is a look at the newest filly out of Mare Autumn! She makes three girls for Ollie Jr’s band this year.