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Sign for the Horses

Hello everyone! Today, we have ANOTHER way for you to help support the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We are seeking 1 million signatures to ADD to the support of the Senate Concurrent Resolution 4014 passed by both the House and Senate of North Dakota. By signing this petition, we are expressing our…
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Finding Busy Blue

Hello everyone! While checking on several bands last week, Eileen and I came across Georgia’s Boy. We were pleasantly surprised to see he had an extra band member. Mare Busy Blue, formerly of Coal’s band, was with them. His young colt Finn seemed thrilled with her joining the family and was attached to her, literally…
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River Visit With Georgia’s Boy

Hello everyone! Today, I have a look at Georgia’s Boy and his band. They were down by the river this weekend cooling off. They all look really good, even covered in mud and clay. Enjoy this look at Georgia’s Boy and his beautiful family.

Georgia’s Boy Visit

Hello everyone! Georgia’s Boy and his band have been tucked away for most of the winter season. We would occasionally see them in the distance and be able to count that all were there, but getting to them was not a safe hike. Luckily, they made it easier for all of us to spend time…
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Fun Friday Part 27

Hello everyone! It is time for another ‘Fun Friday!’ Today we will mix it up with some older mares, a former band stallion, a few of the current bachelors, and something extra at the end. I will write under each photo, so be sure to scroll through. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Noelle and Finn at One Year

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. As promised, here is a closer look at the yearlings of Georgia’s Boy’s band. Noelle is out of Mare Holly and was the first foal of 2021. Her little brother, Finn, out of Mare Shale, was born two months later. Enjoy these two beauties and…
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