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Remington’s New Gal

Hello everyone! Today we will get back to the band changes inside the Park. The gorgeous stallion Remington has added another mare to his band this winter. After a brief period with stallion Arrowhead, Lakota found a new home with Remington. She is also running with her sister, Eagle, as both mares are out of…
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The Handsome Remington

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week. If not, the handsome band stallion, Remington, will try and help. Enjoy!

A Look at Emery

Hello everyone! Below is a look at Mare Ember’s Girl and her 2020 Filly, Emery. I can remember the first time I saw Emery as a newborn foal. The Park had been closed due to Covid when she was born, so we had to wait a bit before seeing her in person. Once the Park…
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It’s Foal Friday!

Hello everyone! For today’s #FoalFriday, I have for you an updated look at some of the earlier 2022 foals and an added bonus of Patriot and his big brother. I will write under each photo, so be sure to scroll through. Have a great weekend!

Democracy and Patriot

Hello everyone! What would make a great day? Another foal! We have a new colt named Patriot out of Mare Democracy of Remington’s band. Help us welcome another addition to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd. <3

A Look at Mare Eagle

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a look at the beautiful mare, Eagle. She comes from quite the line-up of well-known horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Eagle is the 2013 filly out of Mare Daisy, known for her flashy pinto coloring, and is a half-sister to Circus. Her sire was the late stallion,…
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