Month: September 2021

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Fall Night With Boomer and Amite

Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday! Several of you have reached out and asked for an updated look at Boomer. I recently spent some time with him and his big brother, Amite, and both boys appear to be doing well. They are still with their family band and often spend time with their older brother and…
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Lovely Ladies

Hello, everyone! Here are some beauties for your Monday. (l to r) Lightning, Crow, Almanac, and Bear of Flash’s Band Enjoy and have a great week!

Little Gray and Ryely

Good morning, everyone! While driving to the Park yesterday, I noticed someone new tagging along with Wildrye’s band. I pulled off at the Park fence and saw this cutie standing next to Mare Little Gray. I was able to grab a few photos of him with his mom before they left for the waterhole.  

More Additions to Grady’s Band

Good morning, everyone! Gigi’s new filly, Gidget, is not the only new member of Grady’s band. He also has added two 2020 Fillies, Pixie (Stormy x Ollie Jr) and Frosted Arrow (Justice x Arrowhead). They had previously been running with Stallion Guardian. All the new additions bring Grady’s band to 10, including him. Time will…
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Gigi and Gidget

Good afternoon, everyone! We have another new foal to share with all of you today. This cutie is Filly Gidget out of Mare Gigi of Grady’s band. She is the first foal for the band this year and the second foal for Gigi and Grady. Thanks so much for your support as we welcome another…
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Gunner and His Band

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a look at the rest of Gunner’s band. He picked up several of his father’s former mares, including Sundance, Cedar, Cheyenne, Raven, and her filly Raven’s Myst, from stallion Copper last summer. They had been running with Copper since Mystery’s passing in May. All but Cheyenne continue to run…
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