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A Closer Look at Honey

Hello everyone! I spent a late evening in the Park yesterday with this cutie. This is 2022 Filly, Honey out of Mare Bee. I had not sat with these two since Honey was born, so it was nice to see them. Honey is adorable and has grown so much already. She and Bee are still…
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Bee and Honey

Hello everyone! Surprise, we have another foal! This beautiful blue-eyed filly named Honey is out of Mare Bee. She is a maiden mare but also has her family to help with her new foal. Her dam, Indian Paintbrush, is in the band along with her yearling sister, Tess. Help us welcome this beauty to the…
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Lovely Sisters

Two lovely sisters Berkleigh and Archer – inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. These two are currently on the Casper side of the Teton/Casper band. One this day, Teton’s brother Wildrye was in the area and caught the girls’ attention.