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Another Look at Tontee and Tawny

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great week. This is 2021 Mare, Tontee, and her 2023 Filly, Tawny. They are one of the beautiful mother-and-daughter duos in Casper’s (Nicols) band. He continues to hold his band of seven lovely ladies, including Tontee’s older sisters. Enjoy this look at these two!

A Look at Honey

Hello everyone! Here is a look at a beautiful girl I have not shared in a while. This is the 2022 Filly, Honey out of Mare Bee. She and her mother continue to run in Casper’s (Nicols) band. Honey has been a good playmate for the young Tawny, the only foal born into the band…
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Sign for the Horses

Hello everyone! Today, we have ANOTHER way for you to help support the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We are seeking 1 million signatures to ADD to the support of the Senate Concurrent Resolution 4014 passed by both the House and Senate of North Dakota. By signing this petition, we are expressing our…
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Fun Friday Part 32

Hello everyone! Well, we received our first snow of the year this week. We were able to check a lot of the horses before the storm and will get out there and check again once the weather permits. Today, I thought we would do a “Fun Friday” and feature photos of just a few of…
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Dad Duty

Good morning everyone! Thank you to everyone who shared the video and wrote your comments to the park. We still need more, so please keep sharing and asking those around you to comment as well. Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy this look at Band Stallion Casper on ‘dad duty.’

Casper’s Family

“Family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” – George Santayana. Pictured: 2014 Band Stallion, Casper and his Family