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Buster’s New Band

Hello everyone! Here is a look at another recent change in the park. Band Stallion Buster lost his band of Little Gray, Pippi, Ryely, and Luna to Guardian but, around the same time, came across Dolly and her girls. He quickly moved them to his area of the park and so far, has been left…
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Little Gray and Luna

Hello everyone! We have another new foal to share with you today. However, before we share her, we want to mention that it is important for all of you to know that you are welcome to call these horses any name you wish. We come up with suggested names that we think will suit a…
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Buster’s New Additions

Hello everyone! Today I want to jump back to Buster’s band. As mentioned before, he picked up Pippi’s dam, Little Gray, and her little brother Ryely. They are still walking together and can often be seen in the area where they once walked with Wildrye. Everyone appears to be doing well with the new arrangement.…
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Dashing Through the Snow

Nothing is more beautiful than watching a wild horse run through Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Watching them run through the snow only adds to the experience. Below is a look at some of the fantastic horses inside the park dashing through the snow this winter. Enjoy, and Happy President’s Day!

Young Love

Good morning everyone! Thank you all so much for the love you have shown for Copper this past week. Also thank you for all your letters, calls, and emails on behalf of the entire TRNP herd. Your help is appreciated and is making a difference. Pictured is Pippi (Bendemeer) and her stallion Buster (Illinois) –…
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Buster and Pippi

Hello everyone! It has been a busy week, but I was lucky to come across these new lovebirds. This is the new Band Stallion Buster (left) and his first-ever girl, Pippi. Buster is the 2016 colt out of Ghost and Gary. Pippi is the 2020 filly out of Little Gray and Wildrye. Hopefully, this one…
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