Month: August 2023

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Family Portrait

Hello everyone! Here is a look at Xander’s band napping together on a hillside to help you through your midweek slump. Have a great night! (l to r) Spotted Blue, Boomer, Amite (Taylor is behind them), Winter, Pale Lady, Angel (behind them out of frame are Misty Blue and Bluebell), Blue Angel, and Xander

The Always Lovely Papoose

Hello everyone! Today, we will jump back to Pepper quick so I can share her dam, Papoose. She is the 2010 foal out of mare Pretty Girl by the late, great stallion Red Face. She has been a fantastic mother to all her foals, including Pepper. They have a mother-daughter bond that is a joy…
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Checking On Patches and Piper

Hello everyone! Look who I got to spend the morning with today! You may remember that a few weeks back, we shared the newest foal out of Mare Patches. She and her filly Piper were walking alone but close to other bands. Fast forward three weeks, and these two are still walking alone but doing…
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Beautiful Pepper

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here is an updated look at one of my favorite foals from last year. This is 2022 Filly, Pepper out of Mare Papoose. Her presumed sire is Half Moon. She is growing fast and getting more beautiful every day. Enjoy!

Biggest Band in the Park

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at a stallion who has proven he is more than competent when holding a band in the park. Stallion Gunner is a nine-year-old stallion who has continued to hold a band of 20, the largest in the park, over the past several months. Despite attempts by the bachelor group…
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Fun Friday Part 30

Hello everyone! It is time once again for “Fun Friday!” Today’s post includes photos taken this summer and a mix of several different bands. There is also something extra at the end, so be sure to scroll through. Have a wonderful weekend!