Month: April 2021

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Frosty’s New Colt Cody

Good afternoon everyone! We have another new foal to share with all of you today. At 22 years old, the amazing Mare Frosty has blessed us with another darling foal. Please join us in welcoming brand new Colt Cody to the herd! How adorable is this little guy?! He makes the second foal and colt…
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The Handsome Casper

Good morning everyone! Today I thought I would share with you all a look at this handsome guy. This is 2014 Stallion, Casper out of Mare Shale by the late, Gray Ghost. I haven’t posted photos of him for quite a while. He spent the winter across the river with his buddy stallion, Cloud and…
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Boomer and His Brother Amite

Hello everyone! Many of you have written and asked about Boomer and his older brother, Amite. Things have been very busy in the Park lately so I apologize for not sharing an update with you all earlier. Both boys are doing well and continue to walk with their family band. As you can see, they…
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Cadet and Dominique

Hello everyone! We have two more new foals in the Park and this time in the same band. Two of Arrowhead’s mares, Justice and Domino, both foaled this past week. Justice has a new colt named Cadet (pictured above) while Domino has a new filly named Dominique. Both are doing well! There has also been…
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A Family’s Love and Protection

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to share another story from the day Chance was born. As if seeing his birth wasn’t enough for one day, I also witnessed a tension filled few minutes soon after. He hadn’t gotten up to take his first steps yet when Arrowhead’s band moved into the area. Arrowhead didn’t seem…
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Perdita and Her New Colt Ace

Hello everyone. Today I have for you a closer look at the new colt out of Mare Perdita that you all named Ace. He is an adorable little guy who looks an awful lot like his 2020 sister, Birch. The two of them are presumed to have the same sire, Gunner. Perdita has had quite…
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