Frosty’s New Colt Cody

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Frosty’s New Colt Cody

Good afternoon everyone! We have another new foal to share with all of you today. At 22 years old, the amazing Mare Frosty has blessed us with another darling foal. Please join us in welcoming brand new Colt Cody to the herd! How adorable is this little guy?! He makes the second foal and colt for Red Face’s band this year. He will be a wonderful addition to the family and a great playmate for Pretty Girl’s colt, Beau someday soon.

1999 Mare, Frosty and her boys – 2020 Colt, Banty is laying down in the background.

2021 Colt, Cody out of Mare Frosty – The presumed sire is Red Face.

Frosty and Red Face with their new 2021 Colt, Cody