Month: November 2018

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Life of a Horse Tracker

Hello everyone! As I was driving home from checking horses today I realized that some of the new people to this page may not understand what I exactly do out here each week. Documenting this herd means more to me than just taking pretty pictures of the horses. Don’t get me wrong, I love when…
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Gray Ghost’s Memory Lives On

Hello everyone. I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming love you have shown for the late stallion, Gray Ghost. You have all honored him with your kind words and helped to ensure his memory will live on in the hearts of many. Over the last two days, I have had several questions…
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Bison Mourn the Legendary Gray Ghost

Hello everyone. I am sorry to report that Gray Ghost has passed away. He was and always will be a legend in this park. In the last few days, he managed to make his way back to the area of the park he had called home. His final resting place is in a beautiful valley…
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