Winter Day With Half Moon

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Winter Day With Half Moon

Hello everyone! We received some snow the other day and some of it actually stuck. I went out to check on a few mares in between snow storms and luckily came across Half Moon’s band. Everyone appears to be doing great. The young girls in his band are growing fast. I got some pics of the older girls, Punkin Spice and Blue Moon, while the younger two, Selene and Phoebe, snuggled next to their moms the entire time. It was very cold so I didn’t stay long but managed to get a few photos to share with you. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Punkin Spice is a big girl now!

Everyone stood in front of this tree to block the wind and take a nap. (L to R: Punkin Spice, Punkin, Phoebe, and Freckles)

2018 Filly, Blue Moon – that blue eye of hers really stands out!


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