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Hello everyone! Here is a look at the beautiful Mare Little Mo and her filly Meadow. One afternoon while spending time with Gunner’s band, Meadow saw me photographing her momma. She walked a little closer and stopped by a nearby bush where she felt safe to watch me. I took so many pictures of her,…
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Cagney’s Band

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the handsome band stallion Cagney and his small band. He picked up Mare Dolly and her girls, Starlet and Summer, from Flax at the beginning of the year and, surprisingly, has kept them. Enjoy this look at his band, and have a great weekend! (l to r) Dolly,…
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A Closer Look at Honey

Hello everyone! I spent a late evening in the Park yesterday with this cutie. This is 2022 Filly, Honey out of Mare Bee. I had not sat with these two since Honey was born, so it was nice to see them. Honey is adorable and has grown so much already. She and Bee are still…
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Raven’s Myst and Black Beauty

Hello everyone! There is another new foal in the Park! Mare Raven’s Myst, a maiden mare in Gunner’s band, has foaled. She recently gave birth to the beautiful filly Black Beauty you see below. Have a great weekend and help us welcome another beauty to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd!

Crow and Cricket

Hello everyone! We have yet another foal to share with you today… She is a little filly out of mare Crow, presumably by stallion Flash. The name for this adorable little filly is “Cricket” with the C linking her back to her dam Crow. As always, thank you for your support and help us welcome…
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Sumac and Sienna

Hello everyone! It was an exciting day out in the Park. I came across Half Moon by himself first thing this morning, and something about his behavior told me to follow where he was headed. Once I caught up with him, I could see why he had stayed back for a moment to keep watch.…
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