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Pixie vs. the Birds

Hello everyone! Recently I spent some time on a beautiful evening with Ollie Jr. and his band. His youngest foal, Pixie (Bogue), out of Stormy was running around non-stop. At one point, a group of small birds surrounded her and she began to chase them. After she got rid of them all she began to…
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A Welcomed Surprise

Hello everyone! I found a surprise today so I had to share it with all of you before I called it a night. After going for an afternoon hike, I was headed for my car and was ready to leave the park when I saw Frontier’s band. They were grazing across the street from where…
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A Look at Bayou

Good evening everyone! This little cutie is Bayou out of Mare River. She is another one of Sidekick’s beautiful little girls. She’s 3 weeks old now and growing fast. I can’t wait to see her and her sisters cause all kinds of trouble together this summer. Enjoy and stay safe everyone <3

Misty Blue – A Born Leader

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have had a great week as best as you can. Today I wanted to share a story with you all about this little firecracker, Misty Blue (Bannock), out of Mist. She was very little when she was first born but has grown quite a bit in the last month.…
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Shay’s New Addition

Hello everyone! Before posting more on the bands I saw recently, I wanted to share a new addition to the herd. Mare Shay of Teton’s band has foaled and guess what? It’s another girl! We now have 14 fillies running around Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I took my daughter out to see her yesterday and…
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A Filly For Indian Paintbrush and Teton

Hello everyone! We have our first foal in Teton’s band. Mare Indian Paintbrush has given gave birth to this adorable filly. They were close to the park fence yesterday so visitors were able to get a good look at this cutie. They do use the road from time to time so be sure to keep…
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