Month: January 2019

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Horse Spotlight – Mares Lightning and Crow

Hello everyone! With the new foal I got behind on featuring horses from the herd. So back to it! Today’s ?Horse Spotlight? will be a two-for-one of the mother/daughter duo, 1998 Mare, Lightning and 2007 Mare, Crow. Both mares are currently running in Satellite’s band. Crow is Lightning’s daughter by the late stallion, Singlefoot. Both…
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Shaking Off the Cold

Hello everyone! Despite the snow today, I decided to head to the park and check on a few of the horses. In the last couple of days, the horses had moved from the easy to reach spot to one a little more difficult two miles away. I could see Red Face down below so I…
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Horse Spotlight – Mare Copper Penny

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I went out today to check on the new foal but was unable to locate the band. It was cold and foggy again and I could only hike around for so long before risking my own safety. The band has been out of sight for…
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Horse Spotlight – Mare Papoose

Hello everyone! I was fortunate enough to spend the entire day in the park today checking several bands and even had a surprise visit from Indy and Granite’s Boy! It was cold and foggy, but a successful day. While I will share today’s photos with you soon, I would like to feature another horse from…
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Horse Spotlight – Mare Sundance

Hello everyone! Today I would like to feature another horse from the TRNP herd. If you missed Daisy’s spotlight, be sure to scroll back and take a look. Today’s ?Horse Spotlight?is 2005 Mare, Sundance! She is currently running in Mystery’s band. Her dam, Shale, is in Cloud’s band. Her only offspring in the park is…
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Horse Spotlight – Mare Daisy

Hello everyone! I am finally getting around to starting a project I would like to do on this page during the winter season. We usually don’t see a lot of changes or updates during the winter months so I thought I would do something different to add to my weekly posts. Each week, I would…
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