Horse Spotlight – Mare Daisy

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Horse Spotlight – Mare Daisy

Hello everyone! I am finally getting around to starting a project I would like to do on this page during the winter season. We usually don’t see a lot of changes or updates during the winter months so I thought I would do something different to add to my weekly posts. Each week, I would like to spotlight 2-3 horses. I am hoping this will help you learn more about all of the horses that make up this herd. We tend to focus on stallions and babies year round and I would like to showcase other horses as well. Each spotlight will include some background on each horse and photos I have taken over the last five years.

For the very first ?Horse Spotlight?, I would like to share 2006 Mare, Daisy. She is currently running in Copper’s band as his lead mare. Silver, her stallion for many years and to some, her true love, passed away in June of 2017. She and her bandmates were shuffled around for a short time but eventually would be reunited when Copper took control of all of Silver’s former mares. Today, it appears she is once again in a comfortable place with her new stallion. Daisy is the only Chubby offspring living in the park today. Her sire, the famous Curious George, passed away years ago. She has two daughters in the park, 2013 Eagle, of Mystery’s band and 2010 Lakota, of Red Face’s band. She is a great lead mare to her bandmates and Copper is lucky to have her. I hope you enjoyed this closer look at Daisy and maybe even learned something new. Stay tuned for more ‘Horse Spotlights’ to learn more about this herd. Thanks, everyone!

Mare Daisy – Photo was taken in 2016.

Daisy and Stallion Silver in 2016

Mare Daisy – Photo was taken in the summer of 2017.

2006 Mare, Daisy and 2002 Stallion, Copper – Photo was taken last week.


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