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Anisak’s New Band

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I came across Arrowhead and his band with a new member. He had recently picked up Mare Anisak from Gunner’s band. While I was there, Mare Justice was unhappy with the change and pushed Anisak away several times. Her colt Cadet, however, was thrilled with the new addition!…
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A Look at Mystique

Hello everyone! Tonight I have for you an update on our newest foal, Mystique. She is a couple of weeks old now. I have seen her several times this week but these photos are from my visit with them last weekend. I hiked out to the band one morning and they were all down taking…
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Sisterly Love – Emmylou and Little Mo

Hello everyone! It was a chilly day in the Park today but was worth being out to get to spend some time with these two silly girls. Mare Emmylou and her baby sister, Little Mo, were so much fun to watch this afternoon. After Emmylou got back from her ‘visit’ with Stallion Remington and Little…
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A Beautiful Filly for Raven

Hello everyone! It was nice and warm in the Park today and the perfect day to see a new addition to the herd. Mare Raven, currently of Gunner’s band, has a brand new filly. She is absolutely beautiful and appears to be doing great despite the recent temperatures. Her presumed sire is Mystery. As many…
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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I have been saving these photos of Arrowhead and Justice for today. One afternoon he walked up to her and just cuddled with her for a few moments. I loved the look on his face in the first photo as he gently rubbed against her head and knew it had to…
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Just Like Mom

Hello everyone! Watching foals grow each year is such a joy. Watching them grow to look exactly like their dam or sire is extra special. The older filly Thunderbird gets the more she looks like her dam, Thunder Rose. They are even starting to look alike from behind so I had to share a photo…
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