Anisak’s New Band

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Anisak’s New Band

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I came across Arrowhead and his band with a new member. He had recently picked up Mare Anisak from Gunner’s band. While I was there, Mare Justice was unhappy with the change and pushed Anisak away several times. Her colt Cadet, however, was thrilled with the new addition! He followed her around and, at one point, even tried to snake her. I do not know that I have ever seen a yearling snake a mare! I do not usually describe snaking as adorable, but this was pretty cute.
Have a great night!

Mare Justice pushes Anisak away from her and the yearlings, Dominique and Cadet.

Cadet lowers his head and, like his sire, attempts to snake (or move) Anisak closer to the band.

He definitely has the technique down ?