Month: July 2019

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Hoping for a Comeback

Hello! Yesterday, I decided to go sit with Brutus for awhile. I wanted to see how he was doing since losing his band. He has a very swollen front left leg but can still get around. He goes slow but is able to put weight on it when he stands and walks. Hopefully, he will…
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Young vs. Old

Hello! Lately, I have been spending a lot of time with Copper and his band. He is doing well and still keeping the young boys at bay. One morning Gunner got a little to close for his liking and he quickly showed him who was boss. Here are a few photos of their brief interaction.…
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Double Trouble

Ollie Jr. was blessed with two new additions to his band on the same day last month. Mare Stormy had a colt named Applewood and Mare Sapphire had a filly named Aqua. It is amazing how similar they look now. That will change soon I am sure. I spent a couple of hours with the…
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Watching Mom Roll

Hello everyone! It is always amusing to watch a foal when they see their dam roll. Most of the time, there is a three-part reaction. First, check to see if mom is alright. Second, trying to figure out what is going on and third, running off so they don’t accidentally get kicked! Below are a…
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A Closer Look at Coal

Hello everyone! Coal and his band are doing well this summer. Amantes, out of Betty Blue, is getting bigger and is so cute! It’s nice to see a foal in this band again. Enjoy this look at Coal and his band!

Strawberry’s Girls

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday! I was getting ready to share this photo of Mare Strawberry snuggling her 2018 filly, Calypso, when I was reminded of another photo of Strawberry I took almost exactly 3 years ago. Strawberry had a filly, named Shenandoah, who was born on the 4th of…
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