Month: August 2020

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Fun Friday Part 8

Hello everyone! It is Friday and time for our weekly ‘Fun Friday’ post. Today I have a mix of mares and stallions, including some of our handsome bachelor boys. Be sure to scroll through to read about each gorgeous from our Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd. Have a great weekend!

Bluff and Anuk

Hello everyone! I spent a nice visit with Frontier and his band this week. His young filly Bluff has changed a little in color and has grown a lot. She will be three months old next week. I will never forget the night I was hiking back to my car and found her tucked behind…
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Hot Summer Days

Hello everyone! With the hot days lately, there has been a lot of afternoon napping done by everyone. Ollie and his band found a nice spot to lay in the dirt one afternoon. At least one horse is always standing to be a lookout while the others take a break. Enjoy and have a great…
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Fun Friday Part 7

Hello everyone! It is Friday and time for another ‘Fun Friday’ post. Today’s post is going to be all about the girls of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I will write under each photo to give you a little more detail on each of these beauties. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Ollie’s Little Girls

Hello everyone! These two adorable girls in Ollie Jr’s band have changed a lot over the last month. Pixie, out of Stormy and Jewel, out of Sapphire are now 2 months old and look a lot different than they did last month. Below is a look at them from last week compared to just one…
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A Day On the River

Hello everyone! It has been very hot here lately. Teton and his band have been keeping cool by spending more and more time down by the river. I came across them as I was leaving the Park the other day and captured a few photos before they left to go graze. With these high temps,…
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