Fun Friday Part 8

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Fun Friday Part 8

Hello everyone! It is Friday and time for our weekly ‘Fun Friday’ post. Today I have a mix of mares and stallions, including some of our handsome bachelor boys. Be sure to scroll through to read about each gorgeous from our Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd. Have a great weekend!

2018 Bachelor Stallion, Cagney out of Mare Lacey – He sure got his mother’s good looks! Wind Dancer is his full older brother.

2005 Band Stallion, Georgia’s Boy and his mare, Whiskey keeping cool on a hot day.

2016 Bachelor Stallion, Buster – He is out of two legends from the Park, Ghost and Gary.

2014 Bachelor Stallion, Wind Dancer – He is out of Lacey x Clinker.

2006 Mare, Escape of Sidekick’s Band

2006 Mare, Diamond of Arrowhead’s Band

These three have spent a lot of time with one another for some time now. (L to R) Trooper, Brutus, and Flash – Former Band Stallion, Brutus injured his leg last year and it has never healed but it doesn’t stop him from getting around and even harassing the band stallions from time to time.

2010 Mare, Teepee of Teton’s Band – She is the dam to Archer who I featured last Friday. Teton is standing in the background.

2016 Mare, Patches and 2014 Mare, Paisley of Maverick’s Band