Month: August 2018

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Taylor in the Rain

Hello everyone! When you decide to spend the day with the horses and suddenly it starts raining, do you go home? No of course not. You take out your rain jacket from your pack, use it to cover your camera, and keep on shooting pictures. Here is a look at the beautiful Mare Taylor of…
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Bachelors at Sunset

Here is a look at the beauty you can see in the park if you stay until dark! I came across 2014 Bachelors, Maverick, Flash, and Gunner on my way home one evening.  

Perseus and Andromeda

Good afternoon everyone! There were two new foals born in the park recently and both are in Teton’s band. So here they are, a colt out of Mare Teepee and a filly out of Mare Goblin. Teton is the presumed sire for each of these cuties.

My Four Sons

Good morning everyone! Some of you may have seen yesterday on Wild in North Dakota that I had an amazing adventure this week that included finding Stallion Clinker! If you didn’t see the post be sure to head over there to read all about it. For those who have already read how my adventure began,…
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The Dynamic Duo

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Since Arrowhead appeared to be a favorite stallion of many on this page I thought I would share with you the photo that I called, “The Dynamic Duo.” I took this photo in 2016 when Ollie Jr and Arrowhead were still bachelors. When I originally…
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A Look at Band Stallion Arrowhead

Hello everyone! Here are a few recent photos of the beautiful stallion, Arrowhead. I haven’t shared much of him lately so I thought you might enjoy a look at him today. He is still holding the majority of Blaze’s former mares as well as, Opal. I have watched Arrowhead grow up a lot over the…
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