A Look at Band Stallion Arrowhead

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A Look at Band Stallion Arrowhead

Hello everyone! Here are a few recent photos of the beautiful stallion, Arrowhead. I haven’t shared much of him lately so I thought you might enjoy a look at him today. He is still holding the majority of Blaze’s former mares as well as, Opal. I have watched Arrowhead grow up a lot over the last few years and enjoyed seeing him develop into the incredible band stallion he is today. In years past, Arrowhead and his fellow bachelor buddy, Ollie Jr would team up to harass the band stallions. Now they are older and have families of their own but I will cherish the days of watching who I always referred to as the “Dynamic Duo” and seeing them get to where they are today. Enjoy this look at Arrowhead and thanks, everyone!

Arrowhead saw that Grace of Sidekick’s band was standing alone and decided to prance on over…

2010 Band Stallion, Arrowhead

Arrowhead on the run…


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