East Side Boys

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East Side Boys

Good morning everyone! You have probably heard us say many times that while tracking the horses you can easily walk right by them. Today I thought I would show you an example of that with the East Side Bachelor Boys. Below is Maverick, Gunner, and Flash on the flats watching the other bands. While I was there they went behind a very small section of a butte. When I noticed they were totally hidden from several angles, I thought this would be a good example of how easily you can miss them. It started with them being completely hidden but then as I started to talk to them certain signs would appear. “I know you are back there…” a few ears appear, “what are you doing boys?”…then I see half a head. Finally, they had to come out and see who was talking. As they emerged, I just laughed and said, ”well hello there boys!” I will write on the photos below to show you the sequence of my hide and seek game with these boys. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

There are 3 big, beautiful boys hiding behind that very small hill in front.

I begin to talk to them and 3 different sets of ears appear…

Maverick – “maybe she won’t see me behind this hill…”

There you are boys! They had to come say hello – Flash, Gunner, and Maverick.


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