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Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year, everyone! It is hard to believe another year has passed. Thank you again for your support this past year. I wish all the best for all of you in the coming year. Have a safe and fun holiday, and I will see you all in 2022! Pictured below are two more 2021…
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Gunner and His Band

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a look at the rest of Gunner’s band. He picked up several of his father’s former mares, including Sundance, Cedar, Cheyenne, Raven, and her filly Raven’s Myst, from stallion Copper last summer. They had been running with Copper since Mystery’s passing in May. All but Cheyenne continue to run…
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Good Looking Guy

Hello everyone! This is 2014 Band Stallion, Gunner out of Papoose by Mystery. He gained a band of his own in 2019 when he picked up Mare Perdita and her newborn foal at the time, Anisak. I shared with you a look at Perdita and her three foals recently so if you missed that be…
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Perdita and Her Kids

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a look at one of the most independent mares in the Park, Perdita, and her three young foals, Anisak, Birch, and Ace. All four continue to run with Gunner and his band. They will occasionally spend time on their own but always seem to find their way back…
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The Girls a Year Later

Hello everyone! A few of you have asked for a recent look at the adorable fillies from the video I shared this week. Here is Raven’s Myst and Birdie, a year and a half later. They are no longer in the same band, but both are doing well and have grown into beautiful young girls.…
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Gunner and Remington Fight Over a Girl

Hello everyone! Here is a look at Raven’s Myst once again, now over a year later. She is a gorgeous yearling who is a nice combination of her dam, Raven, and sire, Mystery. She currently runs with her mother and little sister, Mystique, in Gunner’s band. One afternoon while sitting with the band, I watched…
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