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Raven and Her Girls

Hello everyone! Here is another gorgeous yearling in Gunner’s band, 2021 Filly, Mystique. She is out of Mare Raven and her presumed sire is the late stallion, Mystery. Her older sister, Raven’s Myst, recently gave birth to her first foal, Black Beauty. They are a stunning group of girls. Below is a look at Mystique,…
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Hello everyone! This handsome young guy is 2021 Colt, Ace. His dam is the independent Mare Perdita. The two of them, along with his two-year-old sister Birch, continue to run with Gunner and his band. His oldest sister, Anisak, is still a part of Arrowhead’s band. Enjoy this updated look at Ace and have a…
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Maverick and Gunner

Hello everyone! Summer in Theodore Roosevelt National Park can bring with it lots of changes and the occasional stallion fight. On this day, I came across Maverick’s band not far from Gunner’s band. It did not take long for Maverick to be uncomfortable and run over to take on his old bachelor buddy. Their interaction…
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Look at that Mane

Hello everyone! This past week I spent some time with Mare Raven’s Myst and her new filly, Black Beauty. This photo cracked me up and I thought it was perfect for the weekend. Enjoy!

Raven’s Myst and Black Beauty

Hello everyone! There is another new foal in the Park! Mare Raven’s Myst, a maiden mare in Gunner’s band, has foaled. She recently gave birth to the beautiful filly Black Beauty you see below. Have a great weekend and help us welcome another beauty to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd!

Goodnight From the Park

Goodnight from Mare Perdita (far right) and her three beautiful foals, Anisak, Birch, and Ace. Have a great night!