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Perdita and Her New Colt Ace

Hello everyone. Today I have for you a closer look at the new colt out of Mare Perdita that you all named Ace. He is an adorable little guy who looks an awful lot like his 2020 sister, Birch. The two of them are presumed to have the same sire, Gunner. Perdita has had quite…
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A Look at Mystique

Hello everyone! Tonight I have for you an update on our newest foal, Mystique. She is a couple of weeks old now. I have seen her several times this week but these photos are from my visit with them last weekend. I hiked out to the band one morning and they were all down taking…
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A Beautiful Filly for Raven

Hello everyone! It was nice and warm in the Park today and the perfect day to see a new addition to the herd. Mare Raven, currently of Gunner’s band, has a brand new filly. She is absolutely beautiful and appears to be doing great despite the recent temperatures. Her presumed sire is Mystery. As many…
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Fun Friday Part 21

Hello everyone! It is time once again for ‘Fun Friday!’ Today I have for you a look at the horses on warmer days as well as, a gorgeous sunset in the Park. The cold weather here continues but hopefully, we will reach above 0 temperatures by Sunday or Monday. I can’t wait! I will write…
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Fun Friday Part 18

Hello everyone! It is time again for ‘Fun Friday’ where I share a mix of photos taken in the Park. Today I have for you a look at several of the bands I saw over the last two weeks, including a look at Mare Skipper. Several of you reached out to see if I had…
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Fun Friday Part 9

Hello everyone! It is Friday once again and time for our weekly ‘Fun Friday’ post. This time I have a mix of horses as well as, a couple of cuties I came across early one morning last week. I will write under each photo so be sure to scroll through. Enjoy and have a wonderful…
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