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Wild Strength

Hello everyone! One of my goals this past week was to try and find Gunner and Perdita (Perty). After checking a couple of different spots and having no luck, they finally appeared. The temperature outside was in the 40’s so I grabbed my camera and headed out to see Gunner’s little family. After I hiked…
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Young vs. Old

Hello! Lately, I have been spending a lot of time with Copper and his band. He is doing well and still keeping the young boys at bay. One morning Gunner got a little to close for his liking and he quickly showed him who was boss. Here are a few photos of their brief interaction.…
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Three’s Company

Hello everyone! It looks like Perty has found herself a new stallion, for the time being anyway. Flash had been walking without her for the last couple of days so I went looking for her and the baby this afternoon. Luckily, I found her with her new stallion, Gunner. Flash had fought Gunner off to…
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Amargo, Amite, and Anzar

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the three other babies born at the end of April. First, a filly out of Mare Thunder Rose and the presumed sire is Flax. The park has named her Amargo after a stream in New Mexico. Second, a colt out of Mare Strawberry and the presumed sire is…
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