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Fun Friday Part 9

Hello everyone! It is Friday once again and time for our weekly ‘Fun Friday’ post. This time I have a mix of horses as well as, a couple of cuties I came across early one morning last week. I will write under each photo so be sure to scroll through. Enjoy and have a wonderful…
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Fun Friday Part 6

Hello everyone! Today is a special ‘Fun Friday’ post as I have an added surprise. Included in today’s photos is a look at the newest filly out of Mare Autumn! She makes three girls for Ollie Jr’s band this year.

New Additions to Gunner’s Band

Hello everyone! There were a few changes in the park over the weekend. While several changes were short-lived, a few were the same as of Tuesday evening. Gunner, the son of the late stallion Mystery, is now holding four of his father’s former mares. He managed to take Sundance, Cheyenne, Cedar, Raven, and her filly…
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Fun Friday Part 2

Hello everyone! I decided to do another ‘Fun Friday’ post today and share a few more of my favorites. This time I have several of the stallions in the park mixed with a couple of others. I will write under each photo again so be sure to scroll through. For some more weekend fun, I…
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Fun Friday

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice week. I came across several photos I wanted to share so I decided to put a few together today for a ‘Friday Fun Day’ post instead of focusing on just one band. I will write under each photo so be sure to scroll through. Have a…
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Gunner’s Little Family

Hello everyone! After Mystery’s passing, several people asked if he had a son in the park that looked similar to him and the answer is yes. Pictured below is one of his two sons still inside the park, Gunner, out of mare Papoose. He is six years old this year and currently holds a band…
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