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Raven’s Myst and Rumor

Hello everyone! We have foal number five to share with you. This adorable filly, Rumor, was born this week to 2020 Mare, Raven’s Myst of Gunner’s band. She is the band’s second foal this year and will eventually have a playmate. She will also get to spend time with grandma as Raven, dam to Raven’s…
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Meadow in the Snow

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. Spending time with Gunner’s band recently also meant I got to see Little Mo’s yearling filly, Meadow. She is a social butterfly in the band and seems to be with someone different each time I visit. On this day, she was spending time with Gunner,…
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Happy Easter 2024

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely holiday weekend. Today, I wanted to share a look at 2014 Mare, Grace. It is hard to believe she is ten already. She and her 2021 Colt, Black Hawk, continue to walk with Gunner’s band. So far, Black Hawk has been allowed to stay. However,…
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Perdita and Chloe

Hello everyone, and welcome to Foal Season 2024!! We have been patiently waiting, and now we finally have a little one to fall in love with. While checking on our pregnant mares today, I was blessed to find Perdita with the foal we had been waiting months to see. Please welcome to the world her…
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Fun Friday Part 33

Hello everyone! The weather is warming up here and melting most of our snow. So, for today’s post, I decided to do one last winter-themed ‘Fun Friday.’ All the photos below were taken over the past few months. Enjoy this look at some of our beautiful horses inside the park, and have a great weekend!…
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A Look at Anisak

Hello everyone! Since today is Monday, we will look at one of the beautiful young mares in the herd. This is 2019 Mare, Anisak. She is the first foal out of mare Perdita of Gunner’s band. Anisak is currently a member of Arrowhead’s band. In 2019, when Anisak was born, Perdita was separated from her…
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