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Beautiful Grace

Hello everyone! I shared photos of Black Hawk and Cody a couple of weeks ago. Several of you asked who the beautiful gray was in the background of several photos of the boys. She is Mare Grace and is Black Hawk’s dam. Gunner picked her up in April of last year. She is nine this…
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Hello everyone! Here is a look at the beautiful Mare Little Mo and her filly Meadow. One afternoon while spending time with Gunner’s band, Meadow saw me photographing her momma. She walked a little closer and stopped by a nearby bush where she felt safe to watch me. I took so many pictures of her,…
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Cody and Black Hawk

Hello everyone! These two young boys, Cody and Black Hawk, are currently in Gunner’s band. Usually, Cody sticks with Frosty and does not cause many problems. Black Hawk, however, likes to pick fights. On this night, he picked one with Cody, and it lasted a good while until Frosty caught on and ended it. Below…
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Connections to Pretty Girl

Hello everyone! While out with the horses one evening, I found Gunner’s band tucked into the trees. It was a neat area to try and photograph, but that was not what drew me to capture this photo. I loved that every horse in this image is directly related and can be tracked back to Mare…
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Gunner’s New Additions

The gorgeous stallion below is the 2014 Band Stallion, Gunner. He now holds the majority of Red Face’s old band, including Frosty. On a good day, he has his band of now 20 with the newest foal in the same general area. On this day, he did not; this is him trying to get them…
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Little Mo and Meadow

Hello everyone! We have yet another foal to share with you today, and you may be surprised by this one. Mare Little Mo has a brand-new filly! After hiking around looking for Gunner’s band this morning, I came upon a small meadow where they were resting. When I looked down at the horses, a tiny…
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