Banty and Amite Become Friends

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Banty and Amite Become Friends

Hello everyone! With the new foals in the park, the bachelors have been very interested in the mares and have started to run around causing trouble. Recently, some friends and I were checking on the first foal, Chloe, and the rest of Gunner’s band. Nearby was stallion Amite, formerly of Xander’s band. He became a bachelor recently when Xander decided it was time for him to go. While Gunner was dealing with Amite, stallion Banty arrived out of nowhere and placed himself in front of Perdita and other members of Gunner’s band. He did not know what to do and eventually ran off. When he left, he ran into Gunner, who was still dealing with Amite. Gunner managed to get both young boys to leave his band and eventually head off together. We have seen Banty and Amite running together since then, and they have even hung out with Bart and Arey. Amite is working his way in with the bachelors, and at five years old, it is time. Below are a few action shots from that day. Enjoy!

Gunner chasing Amite away from his band.

Banty takes advantage of Gunner being busy but is met by several mares and Perdita’s colt, Ace. (l to r) Sundance, Raven, Mystique, Cedar in the back, Ace, Chloe, and Perdita

2020 Bachelor Stallion, Banty takes off towards the boys.

Banty is met by Gunner and escorted out of the area.