Month: January 2022

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Georgia’s Boy and His Band

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a look at Georgia’s Boy and the rest of his band. They are doing well this winter and may even have a couple of new additions this year. We will have to wait and see. Typically, when I share photos of Georgia’s Boy, he has a ton of cockleburs…
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Finnegan and Shale

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend! Tonight we take a look at the other foal in Georgia’s Boy’s band, Finn. He is out of Mare Shale, who is also pictured below. He is all boy and such a joy to watch. Enjoy and stay tuned for more photos of this beautiful…
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Noelle and Holly

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would get back to sharing more photos of Georgia’s Boy’s band. First up is Noelle out of Mare Holly. She has changed quite a bit over the last year and is growing into a beautiful young filly. Below is a look at her and her dam, Holly. Enjoy and…
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Paisley in Winter

Hello everyone! For those of you who knew and loved the late mare Strawberry, I hope this photo of her beautiful filly, Paisley, temporarily fills that void

Handsome Ollie Jr.

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. It was blowing 35+ mph here for the last three days, making hiking quite interesting. Like last year, January has already been an active month for the herd. Enjoy this look at the handsome Ollie Jr. Have a great night!

Trooper’s New Girls

Hello everyone! On this week’s episode of ‘Where are Patches and Poppy?’, we find them now with Trooper! I feel like I will never know where I will find these two. Yesterday I found them with Trooper, and they were still with him today. Maverick does have his other mares and did not appear to…
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