Month: January 2023

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Young Love

Good morning everyone! Thank you all so much for the love you have shown for Copper this past week. Also thank you for all your letters, calls, and emails on behalf of the entire TRNP herd. Your help is appreciated and is making a difference. Pictured is Pippi (Bendemeer) and her stallion Buster (Illinois) –…
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Remembering Copper

It is with heavy hearts, we must report that 2002 Stallion, Copper has passed away. His remains were found late yesterday, and it appears he passed sometime in the last day or two. He had just turned 21 with the new year. He had lost weight recently, and we were concerned for his health as…
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Amite vs. Chance

Below are a few more photos of Amite play fighting with Chance, a young colt from Sidekick’s band. Chance walked over to say hello to Amite and Boomer one afternoon when the bands were close to one another. After a short interaction between the other boys, Boomer walked over to check on his brother Amite.…
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Ollie Jr in Winter

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well so far. Mine has been busy. The loop road inside the park opened and it warmed up so that means late days checking on the horses. Pictured below is a look at 2010 Band Stallion, Ollie Jr.

Cody Growing Up Fast

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Today I wanted to share an updated look at Frosty and Red Face’s 2021 colt Cody. He has grown so much that it is hard to believe he is only 2 years old this year! Below are some recent photos of Cody. For those who may have missed his younger…
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New Years Look at Boomer

Hello everyone, and welcome to 2023! As a gift for all of you, I am sharing Boomer today. We had some warmer weather over the past week, so I spent some time in the park. Boomer, Amite, and the rest of Xander’s band are all doing well and made it through our last storms.