Remembering Copper

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Remembering Copper

It is with heavy hearts, we must report that 2002 Stallion, Copper has passed away. His remains were found late yesterday, and it appears he passed sometime in the last day or two. He had just turned 21 with the new year.
He had lost weight recently, and we were concerned for his health as we headed into these last few months of winter. He was still eating, but the low temperatures and being underweight may have contributed to his passing. In situations like this, it is hard to know the exact cause of death, but I will say that based on his body and the area around him, it is possible that he passed away in his sleep. We pray that was the case.
Copper spent his entire life running wild and free inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. He held several bands, sired numerous foals, and brought joy to park visitors for over two decades. He was a warrior, lover, and one of the best sires in the park. He survived injury after injury but somehow always found the right moment to make a comeback. Each time leaving us in awe of his strength and determination.
Below is just a tiny piece of his life inside TRNP. He significantly impacted this park and the lives of those who knew him. We take comfort in the fact that he lived and died in the only home he has ever known; however, he will take a small piece of our hearts with him.
Run wild and free forever, Copper. We are blessed for the time we had with you, honored to have shared in the wonderful life you led, and promise to never let your legacy die. ❤

Stallion Copper (June 2020)

Democracy, Copper and Daisy (June 2018)

Copper always had time for his foals – Here he is with Cody, his 2017 colt out of Democracy. (June 2017)

Copper held several bands and mares over the years. During this time, he held Mare Strawberry, Mare Democracy, Paisley, and Democracy’s colt Kentucky (July 2016)

Copper as he went into winter (Nov 2022). RIP Copper, and know that you were loved ❤