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Winter Buddies

Hello everyone! I had the chance to sit with Wildrye and his bachelor buddy Arcola again recently. They were close to Grady and most of Wildrye’s former band, but rather than attempt to take them back, he stays with Arcola. While sitting with the two boys, all was quiet, and then Arcola bit Wildrye in…
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Huck vs. Sterling

Hello everyone! Of the two colts in Ollie Jr’s band, Huck is the youngest. As a result, he has to deal with his older brother Sterling occasionally. One morning while with the band, Sterling was pestering Huck. This went on for a minute or two before Huck had enough, and for the first time I…
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Buster’s New Additions

Hello everyone! Today I want to jump back to Buster’s band. As mentioned before, he picked up Pippi’s dam, Little Gray, and her little brother Ryely. They are still walking together and can often be seen in the area where they once walked with Wildrye. Everyone appears to be doing well with the new arrangement.…
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Fun Friday Part 28

Hello everyone! We have not done a “Fun Friday” for a while, and I think we need one today. The photos below include a mix of beautiful girls from several bands, all taken over the past few months. I will write under each photo, so be sure to scroll through. Have a wonderful weekend!

Good Looking Guy

We have some amazing stallions inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Gunner, the son of the late stallion Mystery, is no exception. He is managing the largest band in the Park and doing it well. He learned a thing or two from his sire during their time together. Enjoy this look at Gunner!

Flax After the Change

Hello everyone! Here is a family I have not shared in a while. Flax and his band had a few changes already this year when they lost Dolly and her fillies to stallion Cagney. However, the rest of the band remains together, and everyone is doing well. Enjoy this look at Flax’s band, and have…
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