Another Look at Frontier

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Another Look at Frontier

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at the rest of Frontier’s beautiful band. He continues to hold the two mares, Smokie and Firefly, his 2019 filly Anuk, his 2021 colt Flyer, and Anuk’s 2022 colt Kodiak. While with the band, I noticed Flyer paying a lot of attention to Smokie. I watched Frontier do this same thing when he was younger, and they were all a part of Clinker’s band. Like father, like son, everyone loves Smokie. Enjoy, and have a good weekend!

2019 Mare, Anuk and her 2022 Colt, Kodiak (x Flax)

Flyer, Smokie, Kodiak, and Anuk- I love how Smokie is letting Flyer know she is ready for him to back off ????

2007 Mare, Firefly – Dam to Anuk and Flyer

Kodiak, 2007 Mare, Smokie and 2021 Colt, Flyer