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Blizzardy Day With Coal

Hello everyone! Today I have a look at the rest of Coal’s band for you. The photos range from calm to when the snow moved in. It didn’t last long, and most of our snow has melted now. We also have warm weather on the way, so that will be nice for everyone. I will…
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Coal and Amantes

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to recently spend some time with Coal and his band. I had not sat with the band in a while, so I was excited to see them. However, not long after I arrived, a small blizzard moved in and made it very difficult to see the horses let alone…
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Trooper’s New Girls

Hello everyone! On this week’s episode of ‘Where are Patches and Poppy?’, we find them now with Trooper! I feel like I will never know where I will find these two. Yesterday I found them with Trooper, and they were still with him today. Maverick does have his other mares and did not appear to…
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Update On Xander’s Band

Hello everyone! I was recently asked about a few members of Xander’s band and realized I have not posted his band in some time. I have from time to time shared updates on Boomer and Amite, but today I would like to share the rest of the band. For those who may not know, Xander…
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Fun Friday Part 21

Hello everyone! It is time once again for ‘Fun Friday!’ Today I have for you a look at the horses on warmer days as well as, a gorgeous sunset in the Park. The cold weather here continues but hopefully, we will reach above 0 temperatures by Sunday or Monday. I can’t wait! I will write…
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Trooper’s New Band

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would give you a few updates on Stallions Trooper and Maverick. Many of you know that while Maverick was attempting to steal back his three mares from Brutus that Trooper ended up with the girls he left alone. Trooper had already been holding Maverick’s former mare, Maddie, since October.…
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