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New Bachelor Beau

Hello everyone! Along with the new foals in the park, we have also had some other changes. That includes adding one more bachelor to the mix. Beau, the 2021 colt out of Pretty Girl, is now running with the young bachelors often seen on the park’s east side. He and his mother have been moving…
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Mix-ups With Coal

Hello everyone! Today I have a two-for-one update to share. A lot has happened in Coal’s band over the past two weeks. One afternoon, Coal showed up alone without his band. Cloud, Bokel, and Blazo were in the area but not with Coal. Over the next few days, we saw Amantes try and defend his…
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Coal Along the River

Hello everyone! I was able to spend a short time with Coal and his band this week. Luckily, some friends I met last year were visiting the park and led me in the right direction. I appreciate that! Everyone looks really good after our harsh winter. Amantes is still with the band as a four-year-old.…
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Coal in the Snow

Hello everyone! Coal and his band have done well this winter. They only frequented the loop road a little with the deep snow. I was lucky enough to catch them close by on one of those afternoons. Coal still allows Amantes to walk with the band, and Satine appears to fit in well. Enjoy this…
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Coal Among the Fall Colors

Hello everyone! If you have not visited the Park lately, the fall colors are present throughout and absolutely gorgeous. The trees along the river are so bright and beautiful right now. Earlier this week, we found and sat with Coal and his band just up from the river. The fall colors, sunset, and the always…
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Blizzardy Day With Coal

Hello everyone! Today I have a look at the rest of Coal’s band for you. The photos range from calm to when the snow moved in. It didn’t last long, and most of our snow has melted now. We also have warm weather on the way, so that will be nice for everyone. I will…
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