Mix-ups With Coal

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Mix-ups With Coal

Hello everyone! Today I have a two-for-one update to share. A lot has happened in Coal’s band over the past two weeks. One afternoon, Coal showed up alone without his band. Cloud, Bokel, and Blazo were in the area but not with Coal. Over the next few days, we saw Amantes try and defend his family band from Cloud and the boys while Coal was still nowhere to be seen. Shortly after that, I came across Amantes alone. Cloud, Bokel, and Blazo had successfully got him away from the band. While trying to find the band that same day, I did see Cloud in the distance with another horse. We would later confirm that he had Mare Busy Blue from Coal’s band. We spent several days trying to locate Coal and the rest of the band. Finally, this week, Coal appeared, and he had his band back, minus Busy Blue, who is still with Cloud. We do not know what initially caused all this, but luckily, Coal got some of his girls back in the end. Below is a look at Coal, his current band, and Amantes as a bachelor. I have not photographed Cloud and Busy Blue close-up, but I will share them when possible. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Coal’s Band – (l to r) Dixie, Maggie, Betty Blue, Satine, and Coal

Mares Maggie and Betty Blue

Stallion Coal and his mare Satine

Our newest bachelor – Amantes (Betty Blue x Coal)