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Update on Amite

Hello everyone! Here is an updated look at Strawberry and her 2019 Colt, Amite. He is just about to turn 7 months old. He was so tiny when he was born so it is nice to see him start to fill out more. Strawberry will be turning 20 with the new year so let’s wish…
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Wild Friendship

Good morning! Here is a look at two mares I don’t normally share together, Cowgirl and Taylor of Thunder’s band. Taylor is a mare who doesn’t interact with the other mares very often unless it is her mom, Spotted Blue. However, this summer she seemed to be spending a lot of time with Cowgirl. On…
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Strawberry’s Girls

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday! I was getting ready to share this photo of Mare Strawberry snuggling her 2018 filly, Calypso, when I was reminded of another photo of Strawberry I took almost exactly 3 years ago. Strawberry had a filly, named Shenandoah, who was born on the 4th of…
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On Cloud Nine With Thunder’s Band

Good morning! One evening I was in the park and was photographing several bands up by Boicourt. These amazing clouds moved in and looked beautiful behind the horses. Below are a few photos of Thunder and his band. I always love seeing Pale Lady interacting with her fellow mares. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

Thunder’s Kids

Hello everyone! The foals born in March and April are growing up fast but are still just as cute. Thunder now has three foals in his band including these two beauties, Admiral and Alabaster. Filly Admiral is out of Mare Angel and is now two months old. Colt Alabaster is out of Mare Taylor and…
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Amargo, Amite, and Anzar

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the three other babies born at the end of April. First, a filly out of Mare Thunder Rose and the presumed sire is Flax. The park has named her Amargo after a stream in New Mexico. Second, a colt out of Mare Strawberry and the presumed sire is…
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