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A Flashy New Colt For Strawberry

Hello everyone! Here is a closer look at Strawberry and Thunder’s new colt. He was running around quite a bit when I sat with the band and appears to be doing well. He is a stunning colt and we are blessed to have both him and his beautiful 20-year-old mother in our TRNP herd. I…
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An Update on Thunder

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a beautiful day in the park. I spent the entire day with the horses and have the sunburn to prove it. It was great to see so many bands though and watch all the new foals play together. I have tons to share with you but first wanted to share a…
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Thunder Coming Out of Winter

Hello everyone! I haven’t had a chance to post Thunder’s band much this winter so here is a look at all of them. As you know, they recently had a new foal. Angel is a terrific mother and keeps a close eye on her little girl. I will write under each photo below to help…
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Another Filly For Angel and Thunder

Hello everyone! Today was a beautiful day in the park and the perfect time to find a new baby! Mare Angel of Thunder’s band has a brand new filly. She is adorable and yes, she has one blue eye! I have been checking on Angel for the past couple of weeks now and was so…
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Stirring Up Some Trouble

Hello everyone! We had two really warm days last week so my friend and I took advantage of it and hiked several miles to reach as many horses as possible. The horses tend to move this time of year and one of the spots they pick can be difficult. We wanted to spend the day…
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Update on Amite

Hello everyone! Here is an updated look at Strawberry and her 2019 Colt, Amite. He is just about to turn 7 months old. He was so tiny when he was born so it is nice to see him start to fill out more. Strawberry will be turning 20 with the new year so let’s wish…
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