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A Look at Satellite Before Winter

Hello everyone! Here is a look at Satellite and his band. I have sat with them a couple of times over the last two weeks and everyone looks well. Almanac is so adorable in her winter coat. She is growing so fast and will be as big as her dam, Minnie, in no time. Enjoy!

Satellite’s Family

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the rest of Satellite’s band. He has held Mare Lightning and her daughter, Crow for many years. He picked up Mare Minnie in 2018. She gave birth to their filly, Almanac in April of this year. Pictured above: 2007 Mare, Crow and 2019 Filly, Almanac (out of Minnie)


Here is a look at 2001 Band Stallion, Satellite. He is recognizable to the public by the large growth on his chest. It has been there for years and does not appear to bother him. When he was younger, Satellite was the lieutenant stallion for the double band of Red Face and Singlefoot. He became…
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Minnie and Almanac

Hello everyone! There is another new foal in Satellite’s band. This time it’s a filly out of 2016 Mare, Minnie. She joined Satellite’s band last May after being with Cocoa and very briefly, Ollie Jr. She is a first-time mom and seems to be doing well. Her little filly, who the park has named Almanac,…
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As I was going through my photos from last week, I came across this image of Mare Crow. She was standing on a hill above my car and I remember thinking how beautiful and strong she looked. Two days later she foaled and proved to us just how strong she can be. Enjoy this look…
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Lightning and Aimes

Hello everyone! Here is a look at another new foal in the park. This time it is a colt out of Mare Lightning and the presumed sire is Satellite. He is a little cutie! Lightning is a 1998 mare making her 21 this year! I will have more photos from this week to share with…
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