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Changes in Satellite’s Band

Hello everyone! A few things happened at the Park today that I wanted to share with you. After a short time away from his family, little Banty is now back with Red Face’s band! He was with everyone this afternoon like he had never left. The first photo of Banty and Red Face is why…
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Fun Friday Part 22

Hello everyone! It is time once again for ‘Fun Friday!’ I wanted to dedicate today’s post to a few of the beautiful mothers and daughters inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I took these photos at various times, including a couple from this past summer, but each one features a mother and daughter still running together…
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The Good Father

Hello everyone! Here is a band I haven’t posted on for quite some time. This is 2001 Band Stallion, Satellite, and his beautiful family. His band is not that large but they are a close-knit group who have been together for quite some time. One thing that I love about Satellite is he an amazing…
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Fun Friday Part 17

Hello everyone! We missed a few ‘Fun Friday’s’ so today we are back to it. This group of photos is from various occasions over the last few weeks, including when we still had a little bit of snow. The warm weather has melted it all now and we have had some really beautiful days for…
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Fun Friday Part 15

Happy Halloween everyone! I missed ‘Fun Friday’ yesterday but I have a good excuse. I was out late in the Park watching the most amazing sunset with the horses we all love. To make up for my delayed posting, today I have for you a look at last night’s sunset, a small update from the…
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Fun Friday Part 13

Hello everyone! We missed a couple of ‘Fun Friday’s’ with all the changes happening in the Park but today we will get back to it. The high winds we have had over the last couple of weeks have blown most of the leaves off the trees however, I do have a few more photos with…
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