Fun Friday Part 15

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Fun Friday Part 15

Happy Halloween everyone! I missed ‘Fun Friday’ yesterday but I have a good excuse. I was out late in the Park watching the most amazing sunset with the horses we all love. To make up for my delayed posting, today I have for you a look at last night’s sunset, a small update from the Park, and some added fun for your holiday weekend. I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

2016 Mare, Minnie

The sunset at Boicourt last night ❤

2020 Colt, Blazo and 2019 Colt, Anthem out of Mare Trouble’s Girl x Wildrye

The colors last night were awesome.

I came across Maverick’s band this week and noticed that Mare Maddie was missing. Soon after I found where she was…Bachelor Stallion Trooper had her. I am not sure this change will last for long as she is an independent mare who loves her family. Honestly, I hope she finds her way back to them as she has been their strong lead for many years.

2013 Stallion, Trooper

With his buddy Trooper off with a girl, stallion Flash was out causing a lot of trouble.

This is Mare Cassie of Maverick’s band as the sun went down last night. She was looking out at the area where her band spends a lot of time while the others were behind her grazing. I can’t help but wonder if she was keeping an eye out for Maddie…