Flax’s New Girls

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Flax’s New Girls

Hello everyone! Recently I spent a nice evening with Flax and his new larger band. He took his half-brother Frontier’s band from him almost a month ago and has managed to hold onto them so far. It was interesting to see how the two bands interact now that they have been together for a few weeks. While yearling Anzar still sticks close to his dam Dolly and yearling Amargo, out of Thunder Rose, still prefers the company of auntie Mae, the younger foals are more interested in the new members. Filly Thunderbird, also out of Thunder Rose, seemed to be interested in following 2-year-old Patience around. You may remember Patience was briefly with stallion Casper but Flax somehow managed to get her as well so she is now back with her mother Smokie and her natal band. Filly Bluff, the youngest of Frontier’s former band, seems to have taken a liking to Dolly’s youngest colt, Bokel. The two of them were off by themselves for quite a while before moving over to Bluff’s older sister, Anuk. Everyone seemed relaxed and adjusting well to the change. Time will tell if Flax can continue to hold them all and keep his brother Frontier from taking them back. I will write under each photo below to help with identifying. Enjoy!

2020 Filly, Thunderbird saying hello to 2018 Mare, Patience

A few members of Flax’s band. (L to R) Flax, Mae, Dolly, Bluff, Amargo in the back, and Bokel

2019 Filly, Amargo out of Thunder Rose

2019 Colt, Anzar out of Dolly

2013 Mare, Mae

2020 Filly, Bluff out of Firefly

Anuk (Firefly x Frontier), Bokel (Dolly x Flax), and Bluff (Firefly x Frontier)

Mare Thunder Rose in front – Smokie (far right) and her daughter Patience in the background.

Mare Firefly