Month: February 2019

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Horse Spotlight – Mare Taylor

Hello everyone! It is time to feature another horse from this herd. Today’s ?Horse Spotlight? is 2014 Mare, Taylor. She is out of 2005 Mare, Spotted Blue by 2002 Stallion, Copper. Taylor and her dam, Spotted Blue, have been running in Thunder’s band for several years. Taylor had her first surviving foal in 2017, a…
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Wild Winter Highlights

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t posted for a few days but I have been in the park as much as possible taking advantage of the above zero temperatures. There are a lot of horses to check on and the deep snow right now makes it a little more difficult. I have had eyes on…
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Voyage and Lyle

Hello everyone! Here is a recent look at one of the foals born in the fall of 2018, Maiden’s Voyage of Sidekick’s band. He is out of Mare Maiden and as you can see, he looks a lot like his mother. He and his older brother, Lyle, have done well this winter. They still take…
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Horse Spotlight – Mare Thunder Rose

Hello everyone! It’s time again to feature another horse from this herd. Today’s ?Horse Spotlight? is 2014 Mare, Thunder Rose. She is out of Mare Pale Lady by Stallion Thunder. She is currently running in Flax’s band. I first saw Thunder Rose as she was coming out of winter in 2015. She was still fairly…
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Casper in a Winter Wonderland

Hello everyone! Unfortunately, it’s still very cold here. I went out yesterday and made the mistake of trying to hike. Now I’m paying for it today. I did see Copper, Sidekick, Mystery, and six bachelors though. On my way home, I was lucky to find Georgia’s Boy, Indy, and Casper near one of the park…
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Update on Ranger’s Band

Hello everyone! I came across Ranger and his band last week while out in the park. Luckily, I was able to get a better look at Mare Twister. She injured her front leg in October while fighting off Wildrye. I’ve been taking video of her each time I see the band to look for any…
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