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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! This young father has sired several foals over the years. Band Stallion Guardian spent almost the entire winter trying to get his former mare, Freckles back from Half Moon, and finally succeeded. He continues to hold her and this cutie, Katie (Bender), who is presumed to…
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Freckles, Katie, and Guardian

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I had a great afternoon taking a hike to an area of the park I haven’t really explored before and hung out with some horses too! As you know, Freckles gave birth to a filly just before the park closure. She was also stolen from Half Moon by non-other than, Guardian. This…
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Guardian, Freckles, and the Rattlesnake

After I spent the morning with Wildrye the other day, I decided to hike out and look for Guardian. He is still holding mare Freckles and sticking to the Painted Canyon area. Freckles looks to be pregnant and could foal soon. The two of them appear to be doing well and seem content with one…
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