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Winter Buddies

Hello everyone! I had the chance to sit with Wildrye and his bachelor buddy Arcola again recently. They were close to Grady and most of Wildrye’s former band, but rather than attempt to take them back, he stays with Arcola. While sitting with the two boys, all was quiet, and then Arcola bit Wildrye in…
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Cloud and the Ranch

Hello everyone! One afternoon I came across stallion Cloud and his bachelor crew. They were high above Peaceful Valley Ranch inside the park. Cloud has spent many years living in this area of the park, so to be able to photograph him with the ranch behind him was a real treat. The four bachelors who…
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Dashing Through the Snow

Nothing is more beautiful than watching a wild horse run through Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Watching them run through the snow only adds to the experience. Below is a look at some of the fantastic horses inside the park dashing through the snow this winter. Enjoy, and Happy President’s Day!

Wildrye and Arcola

Hello everyone! With everything that has been happening outside the Park, I have not had time to share much of what has happened inside with the horses. There have been several band changes that I will try and update you on, starting with this one. Many of you know Wildrye lost his band to stallion…
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Remembering Copper

It is with heavy hearts, we must report that 2002 Stallion, Copper has passed away. His remains were found late yesterday, and it appears he passed sometime in the last day or two. He had just turned 21 with the new year. He had lost weight recently, and we were concerned for his health as…
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New Bachelor Arey

Hello everyone! Another change in the Park recently was this young guy being added to our group of bachelors. 2019 Stallion, Arey (Skipper x Brutus), has been walking on his own while his dam, Skipper, is still with Maverick’s band. Hopefully, he will find another bachelor to run with soon. Good luck, Arey!