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Wind Dancer and Buster

Hello everyone! I have come across these two boys a lot recently. These two bachelor buddies, Wind Dancer, and Buster, found one another back in September. They have stuck together since then and are doing well. When Wind Dancer first became a bachelor, he had a very seasoned Granite’s Boy to show him the ropes.…
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An Afternoon With Circus

Hello everyone! Recently, Eileen and I had a wonderful visit with fan favorite, Circus. He is the son of the oldest horse in the park, Mare Flicka by the late stallion, Curious George. You never know where he is hiding so to come across him is always a real treat. As you can see from…
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River Buddies – Casper and Cloud

Good evening! After Cloud lost his band to Flax this summer, he began to spend time with the young bachelor, Casper. Not long after the two of them disappeared for some time across the river. A couple of weeks ago, we came across Casper and later in the day, Cloud. They had made their way…
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New Friends

These two boys have spent a lot of time together this past summer. After Xander finally left his natal band, he spent time with several different bachelor stallions. I guess he found a friend in Trooper as he has stuck with him the longest. These two, along with Flash, have also been hanging with former…
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A Morning With Circus

Hello everyone! Here are a few photos from my morning with Circus last week. He has an old leg injury from years ago. It hasn’t stopped him from harassing the other stallions or even spending time with a few of the ladies in the park. He appears to be doing well for 19 years old!

Handsome Bachelor

Remington made a brief appearance on the loop road yesterday. He has been staying out at the park border a lot lately. He does have a cut on his front leg that could possibly account for him wanting to spend time out there alone. Hopefully, this beautiful boy heals up fast. Have a great weekend…
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