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Fun Friday Part 31

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is the first day of fall, so I thought we would have one last summer-themed “Fun Friday.” Each of the photos below were taken during the past few months. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Alluvium vs Anzar

Hello everyone! As I mentioned before, the bachelor boys have been causing several issues for the band stallions this summer. However, they tend to fight one another from time to time too. On this day, Anzar singled out Alluvium, and the two went head-to-head. Stallion Applewood stood by Anzar for support as he took on…
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Flax vs the Bachelors

Hello everyone! One afternoon while the horses were all gathered in the same area, Flax did not like the eight extra boys running around his band. He attempted to push all of them but focused on Aloe. Once he got away, Flax singled out Bart and chased him hard. Bart got in a few good…
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Guardian’s Gang

Hello everyone! It is always fun to see which bachelors will group up during summer. Recently, this group of boys has been seen running together, causing many problems for the band stallions. Guardian, the oldest, appears to lead the crew of usually seven, including Anzar, Applewood, Arey, Banty, Bart, and the newest bachelor, Aloe. Alluvium…
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Blazo and Bokel

Hello everyone! It is that time of year when the young boys all try and act tough. It is not uncommon to come across young bachelors play fighting and then walking away together as though nothing happened. This is how they learn. These two handsome boys, Blazo and Bokel, are doing just that. They have…
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Winter Buddies

Hello everyone! I had the chance to sit with Wildrye and his bachelor buddy Arcola again recently. They were close to Grady and most of Wildrye’s former band, but rather than attempt to take them back, he stays with Arcola. While sitting with the two boys, all was quiet, and then Arcola bit Wildrye in…
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