Month: October 2019

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Wild Brother and Sister

Hello everyone! After sharing Stormy, I thought you all might enjoy an updated look at her colt, Applewood and his sister, Aqua out of Mare Sapphire. Both were dark when they were born but Applewood seems to be changing more than his sister. They are both adorable and great additions to this band. Enjoy!  

Horse Spotlight – Mare Stormy

Hello everyone! It’s time again to feature another horse from the TRNP herd. Today’s ?Horse Spotlight? is 1999 Mare, Stormy! She is currently running in Ollie Jr.’s band with her 2019 Colt, Applewood. Stormy, along with her current bandmates Autumn and Sapphire, were stolen from Cocoa in 2018 just before his passing. She currently has…
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An Afternoon With Circus

Hello everyone! Recently, Eileen and I had a wonderful visit with fan favorite, Circus. He is the son of the oldest horse in the park, Mare Flicka by the late stallion, Curious George. You never know where he is hiding so to come across him is always a real treat. As you can see from…
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The Determination of Wild Stallion Copper

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share with you the rest of Copper’s band. This tight-knit group of girls has been together for several years. When I began tracking in 2015, they were all a part of Silver’s band. In 2016, Copper stole Democracy from Silver but would lose her to Arrowhead later that…
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New Colt for Skipper and Brutus

Hello everyone! You may remember a couple weeks ago when Eileen and I were surprised one morning by this cutie. He is the colt out of Skipper and the presumed sire is Brutus. The park has given him the name Arey after a stream in Alaska. This darling boy is looking great and growing fast!…
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Wild Love – Copper and Daisy

Hello everyone! On this Sunday, I thought everyone might enjoy a recent look at Copper! He continues to hold a band of five mares including this lovely mare, Daisy. For those new to the page, Copper injured his front leg and lost his entire band in 2014. For the next few years, he took time…
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